Structural Steel

Refinery Structures, platforms, and vessels. British Petroleum, Conoco Phillips, Shell Oil, Pacific Northwest.

Ferrotek has fabricated many structures, platforms and vessels for the petrochemical industry.

Tehaleh Elementary School, Bonney Lake, WA

In addition to fabricating all of the structural steel for this new school, we also fabricated three staircases and all of the steel railings.

Ancich Park, Gig Harbor, WA

This new waterfront park features a boat storage building, for kayaks and other human-powered watercraft.  The existing piers were also rebuilt with new pilings and pile caps.  We fabricated the pile caps, the structural steel for the building, and all of the railings.

Hazel Valley School, Highline School District, Seattle, WA 

New elementary school for the Highline School District. Fabricated structural and miscellaneous steel for the main school building (2 floors), an attached gymnasium, and a detached playshed structure.

Cordata Medical Center, Madrona Medical, Bellingham,WA

Medical building with two full stories and full basement. Consisting of 3 levels of structural steel with multiple stairwells and fabricated metal architectural features. 

Special Projects

Over the years Ferrotek Corporation has become involved in many specialized projects which have been both challenging and rewarding. The following pictures represent just a few of the special projects our skilled staff has completed. Please feel free to contact us about any special projects you might be considering.